Happy New Year!

So first of all I want to send you all the best wishes for this beautiful new year. I hope you’ve enjoyed with your family and friends, have eaten lots of delicious meals and chocolate, and I’m sure you’ll all have your new years resolutions written down. Or am I worng? Do you want to change your lifestyle and don’t know where to start? You’re not alone, so I’m going to list some of the most common resolutions all of us can work on.

  • Drink less booze: a little alcohol can make your night, but too much alcohol can break it. If you think about your day to day life and see alcohol in it, it means you’re drinking too much. A new year means a fresh start. You can decide to talk about your issues with friends or family, or even look for professional help. Or if you find you can control yourself, decide a limit which you can not pass, and keep that promise to yourself.

  • Quit smoking: this one is one of the most common resolutions in the entire world. It’s not so strange if you think about how much this little “hobby” is costing you. Besides, it’s terrible for your health and for your appearance. Did you know tobacco is the cause of most of your wrinkles? Have you ever looked at your hands and teeth? Can you even imagine how your lungs must look like? Well, today is the day!

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  • Follow a diet: the majority of the world population suffers from overweight. Specially in Western countries, where unhealthy fastfood is cheaper than healtier food.

How about this for a new year's resolution: Eat More Fruit in 2017. Who's in?

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  • Spend more time with family and friends: our family is very important, it’s bassicly what we live for. Also, having loved ones around makes us feel good too, so it’s a win win. Try to treat them better and do something selfless once in a while, to show how much you really appreciate them.

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