Instagram started hunting bot accounts

Instagram is hunting on the fake and spammy accounts that circle the enviroment on Instagram.

They are deleting every bot account or spammy account on the platform to leave behind only real people. When an account like this one gets deleted and it was following you, you will have just lost a follower. If many of these bot accounts are following you, be careful, because you might wake up tomorrow to have lost a whole bunch of followers!

Instagram has also taken care of the causing of the bot accounts. They are closing many of the third-party websites and apps like Instagress, InstaPlus, and PeerBoost. All of them are in violation of the Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.

Instagram started hunting bot accounts

Instagram started hunting bot accounts

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And FYI, if you post your pictures with many spammy hashtags, be careful,  since Instagram is also “shadowbanning” account. Pictures with spammy hashtags will not be visible in search or on the Explore tab. This effort will make the platform more real and personal.

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