Ryan Reynolds naked behind!

Wade Wilson is back and you may get to see more of him then you wish (or not!) Ryan Reynolds revealed the first mystery trailer for Deadpool 2 online this Saturday, March 4th. It happened just hours after the not safe for work clip debuted in theaters at a Logan screening; it lasts 4 minutes.

The scene happens outside of a neglected movie theater — which, of course, is screening Logan, the new Wolverine development — and shows Reynolds’ Wilson seeing an old man getting robbed in an back street. “Not on my watch,” is what Wilson says right before entering a nearby phone compartment so he can change into his Deadpool costume. In the meantime the Superman theme song is playing in the background.

One year ago today, we released Deadpool. And the gift for a one year anniversary, is of course, paper.

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Wilson takes all the time he needs to struggle and squeeze himself into the oh so tight red antihero suit. At a certain moment, he is standing wholly naked and shows off his butt, in front of and towards the camera while trying to rapidly put on the clothing. By the time Deadpool is finally outfitted, a firing is overheard in the background and he sees how the old man has been shot and murdered.

“I’m so sorry. I spent way too long in the phone booth,” Deadpool tells the dead man. “If I’m being honest with myself, I probably should’ve just called 911. Well, all that matters now is I think we’re both missing the real point here: What the f–k is a phone booth doing on a street corner? Didn’t those disappear in ’98? I suppose I could’ve just used my cell.”

He lies down against the dead man’s body and Deadpool sees a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream from the man’s fallen bag of provisions. “You gonna eat this?” he asks. “Don’t answer now. Just rest.”

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